10. Settings
Configure 24/7 application preferences from the Settings page.
Daily Steps

On the iPhone 5S, MotionX-24/7 uses Apple's M7 motion co-processor without additional battery consumption. For all other device types:

24/7 Background Step Count OFF: The 24/7 Background Step Counter is off.

24/7 Background Step Count ON: Monitor your daily steps while the app is running or while the app is in the background.

Alarm Snooze

The snooze time set here applies globally to all of your alarms. Turn ShakeShake® to snooze (shake the phone twice) on/off.

Optimize iPhone Position

Use the Optimize iPhone Position test to ensure your device is positioned properly for recording sleep with your device on the mattress. Proper placement will increase accuracy.

NOTE: Placing your device on a solid surface such as the floor or a table while recording sleep causes 24/7 to become highly sensitive to very small movements. This level of sensitivity is required for users sleeping on a very firm or motion-absorbing mattress (such as Tempur-Pedic®). However, with the iPhone on the floor or table, noise from the accelerometer sensor can be registered as sleep cycles resulting in a random sleep graph and random sleep statistics.

Ensure that you place your iPhone according to the instructions, either in bed or in an armband, so that MotionX can accurately monitor your sleep and wake you up at the optimal time.

General Settings

Units: Select preferred units for distance, height, and weight.

Sounds: Turn button sounds on or off. This only affects button sounds and not other sounds (e.g. alarm, voice coach) made by the app.

BMR Calories: Turn on basal metabolic rate (BMR) calories to include the calories your body burns at rest in the Calories field on the Daily Steps page. Turn this setting off if you only want to see calories you’ve burned from the steps you take.

Share sleep logs anonymously: Help us improve the accuracy of 24/7 by sharing your sleep logs anonymously.

Recording Style: Set the default sleep recording style to Sleep & Snore, Sleep Only or Snore Only.

Resting heart rate: Turn this feature on to receive a prompt to measure your heart rate when you wake up.

Personal Information

Enter your gender, height, weight, and age for greater accuracy in determining the distance traveled and calories burned when you walk, jog or run.

Voice Coach

Activate the voice coach to hear audible feedback while you are recording timed walks. Select to hear progress updates for steps, time, calories, and/or distance. The voice coach trigger is based on either number of steps taken or elapsed time.


Reset Calibration: Reset all calibration history.

Restore Help Pages: Restores the in-app help pages if you chose to not show them again (these pages are shown by default the first time you use the app).

Delete Snore Recordings: Delete your entire log of snore recordings.

Restore to Factory Settings: Delete all data and restores to factory settings.