Sleeptracker 24/7

Sleeptracker 24/7 Overview

Sleep Better, Wake-Up Refreshed, Be More Active
The best professional medical-class tool for the iPhone

5 stars
"Truly refreshing"

Joel Mathis

5 stars
"I recommend this app to everyone"

Robert Nelson
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5 stars
"This app works wonderfully"

Lori Gil

"Sleeptracker-24/7" is the first always-on complete activity tracker for the iPhone. It encapsulates seven years of research and development in the biomechanics of natural human motion and sleep optimization to bring the best professional medical-class tool to the iPhone. Sleeptracker-24/7 is the first solution for the iPhone that measures and correlates resting heart rate, includes advanced sleep cycle monitoring with smart alarms and power naps, and incorporates "Get Active" alerts. All these tools help improve sleep in a natural and non-invasive manner.

  • Measure and correlate resting heart rate with sleep quality
  • The most advanced and accurate sleep-cycle alarm solution for the iPhone
  • Set smart alarms for optimal length power-naps
  • Advanced automatic Get Active alerts
MotionX-GPS Maps


  • See your position and tracks anywhere in the world on fast live MotionX open topographic and road maps.
  • Course-up and direction-up maps.
  • Apple Road, Satellite and Hybrid maps. (iOS 6)
  • NOAA experimental marine charts.
  • Total of nine map choices, no other app offers a bigger selection!
MotionX-GPS Tracks

Record Tracks

  • Record and save up to 101 tracks.
  • See your track in real-time with Track up, North up, or Direction Up, then follow it later if you want to retrace your path.
  • Record time, distance, speed and max speed.
  • Live speed and altitude graphs.
  • Ascent/descent and gradient data.
  • Add a geotagged photo during your activity to share the experience!
MotionX-GPS Waypoints

Mark Waypoints

  • Save up to 500 personal waypoints for your favorite locations like your home, end of a hike or your favorite restaurant.
  • Use the MotionX TapTap® tool for easy waypoint creation.
  • Add a geotagged photo to capture the moment!
MotionX-GPS Onboard Maps

Onboard Maps

  • Downloading and storing maps for offline access is faster and easier than ever.
  • MotionX maps can be cached for offline access and lightning fast rendering!
  • MotionX Terrain and Road maps and NOAA marine charts can be stored for worldwide use and no data fees.
MotionX-GPS Navigation


  • Use the compass for orientation in True or Magnetic bearings.
  • iPhone magnetic compass integration.
  • Visualize your progress and ETA while navigating.
  • View coordinates in UTM, MGRS, OSGB (UK grid), Lat/Lon format.
MotionX-GPS Sharing


  • Post your tracks and waypoints to Facebook or Twitter, or email them to share.
  • Share your location and see where your friends are in real-time using the Auto Live Updates feature.
MotionX-GPS Facebook


  • Get to know your friends' favorite Facebook Places and navigate to them!
  • Post a check-in location to Facebook Places directly from within MotionX-GPS.
MotionX-GPS Wikipedia


  • Full Wikipedia integration means you have your own personal tour guide.
  • Browse full articles and navigate to Wikipedia POIs.